Another FAAN WALK is under our belts. This time Allergic Traveler headed to Ridgewood, NJ. Julie Forrest along with her team did a great job organizing this event. They ended up raising over $50,000.  One group raised over $8,000. The team spirit was high. The enthusiasm was contagious. Aside from the walk, there

8 Safe Halloween Tips

Here are 8 great safe Halloween tips that came up in our support group last night.

  1. Teach your child not to eat any candy while trick or treating. Wait until they get home and you can inspect their candy.
  2. Have your child wear a costume with gloves on so they


What a windy day we had in Baltimore! Although the winds were strong, the crowd came out in large numbers. Once again, Allergic Traveler was honored to be part of such an event. We met all kinds of people who had great questions. I wanted to share these with you.

Any recommendations on where to travel when you have allergies? My answer to this depends on the age of the person with the allergies. If it’s a young child, I highly recommend Disney.



This weekend was the first of many weekends that will mark Allergic Traveler’s involvement with the FAAN Walks. The FAAN Walks are a way to raise much needed funding for research in the allergic community. FAAN is hosting 42 walks across the country. Allergic Traveler will be involved in five of these walks. Check