Our little Batman, Maya

What is your background (age, race, married etc.)? I am five, I am Caucasian and  I am starting kindergarten in a few weeks!
Do you have allergies? I am allergic to dairy, to soy and to eggs. I also have allergies to lentils, chickpeas and other legumes. I am also mildly allergic to cats and animal stings,

Meet Amy – she is allergic to eggs

What is your background (age, race, married etc.)? I am a quarter British, half English Canadian and a quarter French Quebecer! I am 37, married to an Egyptian (Cairo) 37-year-old bilingual man.
Do you have allergies? Does your spouse? I have a metal allergy. I am allergic to nickel and I recently found out

Meet Carson and Chase

What is your background (age, race, married etc..)? I am 36; married, of European background.
Do you have allergies? Does your spouse? I do not have allergies, my husband is allergic to some alcoholic beverages.
Does anyone in your family or his have allergies? Not that we are aware.

Another Safe Restaurant

This past weekend, this Allergic Traveler had the fortune of attending a ninetieth birthday party luncheon. It’s not every day you get to attend a ninetieth and I only hope that I will be around to celebrate my ninetieth. The party was held in Durham, NC at Spartacus restaurant. There were about 60

Pumpkin Bread

Recently I have become addicted to something sweet with my morning coffee. I am not sure where this is coming from but my recent addictions have been croissants, blueberry bread and/or pumpkin bread. My mother always made pumpkin bread for us as kids and the blueberry bread is a recent discovery. I am going to have to replicate the blueberry bread