Outgrowing Allergies

Over the years I have met a lot of parents that are new to the food allergy community. Many of them get the deer in the headlights type look. Naturally this makes sense. Over 30 years ago, when they were young, food allergies were not common. So why would parents today expect to know how to handle food allergies? They shouldn’t and

Meet Aidan

1. How long have you had your food allergy? About 9 years, I had my first reaction when I was about 14 months old. I had eaten something containing peanut butter and my mom and dad noticed a few hives around my mouth.

2. What are you allergic to? I am allergic to peanuts, but I also avoid all tree nuts because of cross contact issues.

Welcome to Charleston, SC

This past week end, this Allergic Traveler headed back to Charleston, SC. I try not to go to the same place, as there are so many places to see, but Charleston is special. We went there the first time, about a year ago to meet some friends from Florida. We enjoyed ourselves so much that when we got asked

Best Intentions

As we get older, our life brings us in different directions, some planned, some a surprise. All the best plans can never prepare you for the unexpected. Perhaps egotistically, I always think I am prepared. This allergic traveler always carries her meds, her Epi-pen, her medical