Meet Bianca!

I have known Caroline, Bianca’s mother for more than twenty years. We have lived through some interesting tales, which cannot all be shared online! I can share with you her experience with motherhood. Caroline is mom to two adorable children, Bianca and Matteo. Bianca recently became diagnosed with a food allergy to hazelnuts. See how she is handling

Easter without allergens?

Easter used to be one of the hardest holidays for this Allergic Traveler, as I am allergic to eggs. In most schools around this time, kids get to paint and decorate some beautiful eggs. Not only could I not participate but also I could not touch them. I would brake out in a rash if I did. I remember once, I did and I was amazed at how light and delicate

Meet my gorgeous nephew… Joey!

OK I admit it, I am bias. But how could you not love a face like this? My sister and nephew are helping us out this week as our guest blogger. I look forward to when Joey is old enough to write his own blog. In the meantime, take a peak at how my sister handles my nephew’s food allergies.

1. What is your background (age, race, married, etc..)?


What’s on your list?

Recently, for whatever reason, this Allergic Traveler has been discussing “bucket lists” with people. Do not worry; I am in perfect health! I have just been curious what makes someone’s bucket list. I have heard things like “I have done everything I wanted to do,” or  “ I’d like to make amends with my brother.” If you were to