What a year!

2013 was a great year for Allergic Traveler and it is all because of you! We had many milestones in our 3rd  year of business. We are so proud of all of them, we cannot pick a favorite.

Here is a recap:

  •       Featured in the Living Without magazine in their travel section. If you missed it, click here
  •       Sponsored a children’s book launch: The William Edwards book series
  •      Business increased by 49% year over year
  •      Our Linkedin connections exceeded our twitter followers
  •      We finally opened our Instagram account and we are quite addicted
  •      We visited 9 states in 2013 as well we traveled to Montreal twice
  •       We shipped our first order overseas (we primarily ship in North America)
  •       Our most popular language card produced is still English.  Many of our customers use this while away at college, in local restaurants or on child’s backpack
  •     Based on a need, we started counseling adults and children with food allergies
  •     Continued to sponsor FARE Walks across the country

So what’s next? We have a few ideas up our sleeves, like asking the school boards to encourage children with food allergies to carry

Book review – Food Allergies & Children

No mater where we travel, this Allergic Traveler always has a book on her. I guess it goes back to the days when I was always on a bus and I did not want to be without some entertainment. This was way before the age of smart phones or before the internet was easily accessible. Call me old fashion, but I like books! And I really like Julie Trone’s