Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event

This  Allergic Traveler had the opportunity to attend the Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness event in Raleigh. You may remember that we covered a similar event in Charlotte. The show travels around. It is in many cities across the nation. The director, Nikki Everett, does a lot of research before settling on which city. She then makes it a priority

Safe Dining in Durham

We all know that living with food allergies is challenging, especially while eating out. We need to be diligent and vigilant to ensure that we do not end up in the bathroom all evening or worse that we do not end up in the hospital.  To add to our cautious feeling while dining out, we also feel like we are put on the spot. The whole table

The World’s Largest

Recently this Allergic Traveler had the opportunity to play tourist locally. An old friend came to town and I wanted to show her some of the unique characteristics North Carolina has to offer. About 20 minutes from here, in Jamestown, NC lives the largest dresser in the world. Yes you read correctly! The said dresser is attached to the largest furniture