Halloween today vs yesterday

I have come to realize that Halloween means different things for different people. For this Allergic Traveler, it’s essence is the same but there are some evident changes that have occurred over the years. Halloween is not the same today as it was when I was a kid! Halloween is a great time of year whether you have food allergies or not.


Guest Blog post – Sloane Miller

There are many parents, teachers and allergists that are speaking up for children with food allergies today. There are many more resources available now, such as the internet, FARE, cookbooks focusing on dietary restrictions, as well as celebrities bringing attention to our cause, and much more. I am grateful for how far we have come! Food allergies

My favorite type of restaurant

As mentioned in my guest blog post on Yo Dish’s site, this Allergic Traveler loves to eat out. There are many reasons for this. It could be the variety, it could be the love of being pampered, the importance of bringing awareness to the food allergy community, or quite simply the pure joy of it. Whatever the