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My name is Tarah and I have lived with food allergies my whole life.

I know the frustrations of trying to make others understand the severity of eating the wrong food. Time and time again, I have had to teach the restaurant servers that yes that could actually kill me and no I am not exaggerating!

You simply present the “Allergic Traveler” chef card to the waiter and you are able to communicate your food allergies without fear of having a reaction.

Why should it be a battle every time you dine out? It’s not enjoyable as an allergy sufferer or a parent of an allergy sufferer to eat in restaurants when you fear the worst. You become reluctant to eat out, whether while traveling or in your own hometown. However, I believe that it is important that we are out. We should wear our allergies like a badge of honor. We need to make others more aware and more accepting of our allergies. This can be done in our own backyard where we know the restaurants and speak the language. But what happens when you are traveling, for pleasure or business, and you need to communicate with the waiter that you are allergic to nuts in French? That is the premise behind this Allergic Traveler, LLC.

We offer a wide range of allergy cards in multiple languages. Simply present the “Allergic Traveler” chef card to the waiter and you are able to communicate your allergies without fear of having a reaction. Carry it with ease in your wallet. You can hand it to the waiter discreetly if you are out with business associates and you don’t want them knowing your personal dietary needs.

Not just for travelers

This card is not restricted to travelers. As a parent of an allergic child, I know you are in constant worry. Field trips are the worst! The Allergic Traveler card can be hung from your child’s back pack to alert others of the severity of your child’s dietary restrictions. The card does not have to be translated; it is also available in just English. All translations are done by native speakers in order to ensure the accuracy of such an important translation.

One should not have to live in a bubble because of their food allergies. I love to travel, and I hate the idea of being restricted to where I can go because of language issues or allergies. I used to travel with food all the time, but when you are away for a lengthy period this is not always feasible. My “Allergic Traveler” chef card has given me the freedom to see the world and I hope it can do the same for you.

Safe travels,

Tarah Jakubiak

Credentials –

FARE 2018 Nominee for Vision Award
Featured in Living Without and Piedmont Parent
Presenter at universities, trade shows and support groups.
Travel Coach 
To date 24 countries and 34 states (2019)