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If you ask this Allergic Traveler, how the west was won?, the answer is simple via food and the environment! Allow me to explain. Recently, this Allergic Traveler had the fortune of traveling to Arizona and New Mexico. I have been to Arizona before, and loved it as much today as I did then. I had never had the privilege of traveling to New Mexico. If you have never been to Arizona, you need to. Hands down I would say it is one of the most beautiful states. I suppose that is why so many are retiring there. Sure the weather has a factor to do with it as well. I particularly appreciate the weather as I can breathe freely in Arizona! The air is so dry, with next to no humidity. The vegetation is not blooming extensively because only things that can thrive in the extreme heat can survive there.

Pollen free!


The climate gives my sinuses a break from all the blooming flowers and trees back home. If you suffer with springtime allergies you understand exactly what I am talking about. If you do not, I hate you… just kidding… well maybe! Truthfully, I am jealous of anyone who doesn’t have seasonal allergies.

Anyway, back to Arizona. We were visiting Phoenix, then we were headed to Santa Fe New Mexico, via automobile. The drive was breathtaking. To have been in the Alpes just 6 weeks ago, then to travel all the way to the desert, was such a treat. Mother Nature is awe inspiring. On our way, north, we took a detour and visited Sedona. WOW! A friend of mine described it as visiting a different country. This got my curiosity up, so I had to make the trek. And I am glad I did! I have enclosed some pictures, but you really need to see this with your own eyes. No amount of pictures could ever do it justice.



Yum! Safe for me







All through our journey, we ate like kings. To me, the food in the west seems much fresher and healthier. I know I am making a generalization but it’s a pretty safe one. It’s like saying the French make great wines. Yup! No argument there. The food was light and not heavily processed. All restaurants could accommodate my long list of allergies (which are nuts, eggs, shellfish, garlic, soy, sesame, chicken, pork peanuts, mushrooms and most fruits – just in case you want to have me over for dinner!). I even went to a restaurant that said to me “oh we know all about allergies, our manager is allergic to peanuts.”  Impressive! But why would any with food allergies work in the food industry? Seems risky.

Eventually we got to New Mexico.  We kept looking for coyotes, road runners and scorpions. Fortunately, we did not run into any of these. We did however run into a vineyard that was safe from predatory animals and delicious! The landscape was picturesque. Everyone was very friendly and delightful. We had the chance to meet up with some family there so this made the journey all that much more memorable.

Soothing Arizona

Arizona vegetation

It was hard to come home. Why leave a place where you can eat well and breathe without restrictions? I am still not sure I have the answer to this yet.

Can you recommend any places like this where you have been? If so, please share with me. I am always eager to breathe!



Author: Tarah Jakubiak

After working for 20 years in the corporate world, Tarah Jakubiak founded Allergic Traveler. Jakubiak, president of Allergic Traveler has traveled the world since the age of two. She has been to 25 countries and 34 states. Jakubiak has been to all inclusives, gone on cruises, gone camping; backpacking through Europe, gone to the big cities, and little hidden gems. She has multiple food allergies but it does not stop her from seeing the world. Jakubiak is allergic to eggs, nuts, mushroom, soy, garlic, corn, sesame, potatoes, celery, shellfish, chicken, pork, peanuts, and many fruits. She is originally from Montreal, Quebec and now lives in Greensboro, NC with her husband.

How the West Was Won?
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