Gluten Free and Allergy Free Event

Having food allergies has presented so many opportunities to this Allergic Traveler. I know what you must be thinking. You are thinking how deprived I am because I can’t eat eggs, or shellfish, or mushrooms, or nuts, or everything else on my long list of allergens. But the reality is that my allergies have introduced me to a whole new world that

Enjoy Life Interview

It is Food Allergy Awareness month. What better way to celebrate, than to sit down with the Chief Marketing Officer of Enjoy Life Food, Joel Warady for an interview. This Allergic Traveler is a big fan of Enjoy Life but an even bigger fan of Joel’s. If you are part of the food allergy world, by now you have

Food Allergy Book Giveaway

Having Food Allergies today is not like when this Allergic Traveler was a kid. Believe it or not, there are actually advantages to having them today. For instance, so many people are aware of what a food allergy actually is. The media and active mothers have done a great job in bringing more awareness to the issue. Admittedly the number of those

Spring Hopes Eternal

There is no question that this time of year is so beautiful. Everything is blooming. There are very few reminders of the harsh winter behind us. As they say “spring hopes eternal.” Or does it? When it comes to environmental allergies, there are some of us that just want to hide under the covers until summer gets here. To me spring means, the