Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event

This  Allergic Traveler had the opportunity to attend the Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness event in Raleigh. You may remember that we covered a similar event in Charlotte. The show travels around. It is in many cities across the nation. The director, Nikki Everett, does a lot of research before settling on which city. She then makes it a priority

Adult Muffins!

Time for another book review! It is great that there are so many cookbooks out there today.  When I was a child, this Allergic Traveler did not have the luxury of finding cookbooks that catered to food allergies. There was also no internet back then either, but I digress!

Recently I had the pleasure of trying a recipe from Debbie Adler’s

What I Love about Traveling…

Having traveled all my life, I have become quite familiar with what I love and hate about traveling. This week’s blog post is dedicated to all the things I love. And you guessed it, next week’s post will be dedicated to all the things I hate. The below list is in no particular and reflects my experience over the years.

  1. Meeting