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Humans vs Technology

The biggest reason why we use humans versus technology is because for such an important translation, we want to ensure accuracy. Please allow me to explain further. To be specific, I am referring to why Allergic Traveler will always use human translators as opposed to online translation tools for our chef cards and our luggage tags

Benefits of human translators

In an “allergy

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Mental Health Benefits of Travel, guest blog

Dale Vernor is this month’s guest blogger. He discusses the mental health benefits of traveling.

There are numerous mental health benefits that come from traveling. Regardless of where you choose to travel, these benefits can come with you and continue to last long after you’ve returned from your trip. Understanding these benefits may

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Traveling with Food Allergies – presentation

Over the past three months, I have had the privilege to speak about Traveling with Food Allergies. In March I was in Charlotte, in April I was in Columbus and in May I was in Jacksonville. I shared my experience, my tips, what to do and especially what NOT to do.

Each presentation was held at a food allergy conference, specifically The Gluten Free

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If Amy can do it, I can do it!

You may be wondering what this means, if Amy can do it, I can do it?  Allow me to explain… if you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory TV show, then you are familiar with Amy Farrah Fowler’s character. To say she is a little neurotic, would be an understatement. Her role involves a conservative neuro scientist that is inquisitive of everything.

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Always Learning

No matter how many times we do the Living Free Expo, we are always learning something new. I appreciate the fact that the food allergy community is ever changing. More and more companies are entering our world, thus making it more competitive but also bringing more awareness to the food allergy community. Just when you think you have seen it all,

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Battling Eczema

I have been battling eczema my whole life. Not a year has gone by in my forty some odd years, that I can remember without having a flair up. To those on my journey, you know the routine. You know what you can wear and what you can’t. To not frighten the general public, we tend to cover up our breakouts. If you  don’t know this journey, a) I

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How the year unfolded?

As I look back at 2018, I am humbled by how the year unfolded for Allergic Traveler.

To begin with, 2018 was Allergic Traveler’s best year to date. This is clearly because of you – my supporters, my food allergy friends, my food allergy parents and the food allergy community. We shipped more chef cards to more states and more countries than ever

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Food Allergies and Holidays       

Many get anxiety when it comes to food allergies and the holidays. While food allergies can be daunting when it comes to gatherings, they need not be.  As a child, this Allergic Traveler always went to her grand parents for the holidays. Out of 18 years of holidays (Christmases, birthdays and Thanksgivings), I can only remember getting sick

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Guest Blogger Discusses Hurricanes and Allergies

This week we have a guest blogger, Michelle, who discusses hurricanes and allergies. Hurricane Florence has just passed. Many are still recuperating and trying to get their lives back in order. Were you prepared? Did you have your flashlights, extra water and milk? What about with regards to your food allergies? Did you have food allergy friendly

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FARE Nomination

What does the FARE nomination mean to this Allergic Traveler? Well to begin with, what is the FARE nomination? It is best described in their own words; FARE’s mission statement is “to make the world safe for people with food allergies.” To be nominated for an award you need to fall into the following category, “you are an individual or an

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Survival Mode in Vegas for 72 hours

This is the tale of a friend of mine watching my back while in survival mode in Vegas for 72 hours.  Why am I calling this survival mode? Well to travel such a long distance in such a short time with food allergies, requires some planning in order to survive!

When a friend calls you up and asks you to go to Las Vegas for 72 hours, you naturally say

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Fruits of our Food Allergy Labor

Recently I have witnessed a lot invested into the “fruits of our food allergy labor.” What I mean by this is how much is being devoted to the food allergy community. Research shows, according to Market Research Future, the global food allergy market is expected to grow at an approximate CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.6% until 2023.*

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