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Cauliflower Casserole Recipe

We don’t usually post recipes here. We usually post them on our Instagram page but this cauliflower casserole recipe was too good not to share.

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Environmental Allergies

Let’s talk environmental allergies or what I call yellow season. Where this Allergic Traveler lives (North Carolina), springtime is the worst! From March until May, everything is blooming and beautiful. However, this does nothing for my environmental allergies.  I call it yellow season as the streets are yellow, the cars are yellow, the outdoor

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Vegas Never Gets Old

Vegas never gets old, or does it? This Allergic Traveler just traveled to Las Vegas for the gazillionth time. OK maybe just the fourth! Not to sound jaded but why go back to a place if you don’t gamble? The answer is Work! So how does one entertain themselves if they don’t play craps, black jack, or the slot machines? Food! Over the years

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How the West Was Won?

All through our journey, we ate like kings. To me, the food in the west seems much fresher and healthier. I know I am making a generalization but it’s a pretty safe one. It’s like saying the French make great wines. Yup! No argument there.

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Six Countries in Twenty-three Days

Welcome to Europe!

Our latest journey had us visiting six countries in twenty-three days. The holidays are all about family, and this Allergic Traveler desperately wanted to hug her French nephew and niece. To do this, one must travel to France! As we knew we were going to be in Europe for some time, we wanted to see as much as we could, while spending

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What I get from the Gluten Free & Allergen Free Wellness event?

I have been doing the Gluten Free and Allergen Free Wellness event for years. There are many reasons why I do this event. Let me tell you about what I get from The Gluten Free & Allergen Free Wellness event.

To begin with, it is an event that fosters a safe feeling. There are various vendors that exhibit at this event that have gluten free food,

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Food Allergy Awareness

Last week was Food Allergy Awareness week and this month is Celiac Awareness month. It’s been a busy month! So if you are part of either celebration, or both, what do you want the world to know that they don’t already know about your dietary restrictions? How about its not easy to stop at a curb market to grab a snack? How about learning how

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Asheville Travels

Our travels most recently brought us to Asheville. It is a city of many hidden gems. We had the pleasure of visiting it with some very good friends of ours. Let me back up, North Carolina offers two regions to play, and three regions to work. You can either play at the beaches or in the mountains. Most people work in

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